OrthoMega Fish Oil


60 units

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Omega-3 fatty acids are essential cornerstones of human nutrition. They are deemed “essential” because we need them for proper health but cannot produce them on our own. Omega-3 fatty acids are known to benefit cardiovascular health, support healthy brain function and cognition, and have also been proven to maintain normal inflammatory balance. Orthomega® 820 is a high-concentration fish oil sourced from waters off the Chilean coast, the cleanest, most sustainable source of fish in the world. This exclusive fish oil is purified, vacuum distilled, and independently tested to ensure heavy metals, pesticides and polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) are removed to undetectable levels. This high quality brand does not cause fish burps.  Learn more at Orthomega® 820 (orthomolecularproducts.com)

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